The holidays have subsided and it looks like JSAUX has been listening to the wishes people have been asking for! On the official JSAUX Twitter account, there have been a couple of polls that have been made to gauge interest in seeing more colorful options for their transparent back plate. Yesterday, a new poll began that confirmed this further with the 2 most voted colors being released in April of this year!

So far, Purple and Blue are in the lead with 55% and 22.2% respectively, which makes sense, but JSAUX took it a step further. They decided to also release renders of what each color would look like! And may I say, Purple looks even better than I imagined...

I can't see purple not being one of the 2 colors released, but its still fair game for Blue and Green, which is at 16.8% (sorry Orange). JSAUX has said that they are open to releasing more colors throughout the year, but this is just the start! They are also researching front plates, but this is a bit more complicated and can't properly say yes or no yet.

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