Ready to play some over-the-top frenetic first-person shooters? Well, you better be, because this latest Humble Bundle is all about Boomer Shooters! In case you aren't familiar with the term, it essentially means shooters inspired by games such as the original DOOM, Quake, or Duke Nukem, early 3D shoot-em-ups that rely on heavy hitting and often outrageous action. We've got some real gems here, so definitely give the Best of Boomer Shooters Humble Bundle a check!

Read on to see what's included in this collection of modern Boomer Shooters!


Back with a Vengeance: The Best of Boomer Shooters Contents:

We have a few Steam Deck Verified games in the bundle, ULTRAKILL is an especially popular one, that normally costs more than the entire bundle just by itself. Although all the games in the bundle are rated Verified or Playable on Steam Deck, you can always check for yourself how these games run by searching them up on ProtonDB.

There's only 1 tier for this bundle to keep it simple:

  • $18 for all 7 games in the bundle

It's definitely tempting to pick this one up if you just want to have some mindless fun on your Steam Deck, I can imagine a few of these games play well on a handheld, so it's worth some consideration!

Let us know if you picked up the bundle and what you think of it in the comments below!

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