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Horizon Forbidden West is out on PC, and honestly, I am extremely impressed. It runs substantially better than I expected for a newer release, and a lot of that is thanks to the incredible team at Nixxes Software. These guys are pros at optimizing and porting to PC, and they clearly know exactly what they are doing. Today, a new update was released to further optimize and fix bugs, and while it is awesome, it was a comment underneath that caught my attention.

Pointed out by Deck Wizard, there was a comment underneath the post on X that Nixxes Software made announcing the update that brought up adding FSR 3. To our surprise, Nixxes responded by mentioning that they are working on it!

This is extremely exciting to see since it opens up a lot of possibilities for better visual quality without any new sacrifices and possible frame generation. I haven't seen a working implementation of this yet on Steam Deck, except for using LukeFZ's mod, but if anyone could do it, it would be Nixxes! If they use FSR 3.1, it could open up frame generation with other upscalers as well, which, in this case, would be XeSS.

We have reached out to Nixxes to ask about any specific Steam Deck optimizations and we will update if we hear back. As for the update, it has added some optimizations, custom difficulty setting fixes, the ability to remap TAB, widescreen scale options for the HUD, and more!

You can get Horizon Forbidden West now on Steam for $59.99. It is rated Unsupported, but it is working quite well on the Deck. We will have an article about performance out soon, so keep watch for it!

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