When it comes to JRPGs, there are a lot of tropes that can turn people off. From permanent missables to random encounters, these seem like staples in the genre, but Crystal Project stands apart in this aspect. This game does away with those, adds in Metroidvania-style progression, platforming challenges to get loot and unique ways to utilize classes to create an intriguing tactical, non-linear JRPG to enjoy. And the newest update will make playing on the Steam Deck a bit nicer.


In the new 1.5.3 update for Crystal Project, we have a bug fix for the Steam Deck that was causing the terrain to move slowly. This seems to have been caused by the game's default settings, and after this update, it should be changed on the next startup. Theoretically, you should be able to fix this without the update by changing the default settings, but the developer doesn't mention the exact setting causing the issue.

The new update also implements some new modding features and changes. Mods will apply faster, a new stat mod is available, the maximum number of lines in custom ability descriptions have increased, and the in-game mod description display can show more lines, lines are longer, and there will be no trailing off if the description is too long.

There are a couple of other fixes here and there, so you can check out the full changelog on the Steam Community Post.

Crystal Project is available on Steam for $13.99 and is rated Steam Deck Verified. It has a native Linux build as well and the game is reported to be working quite well on the handheld!

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