Do you remember the Guitar Hero: On Tour controller for the Nintendo DS? Well imagine that on a Steam Deck and here you go! Reddit user lacroixlibation, also known as VladTheInhaler on Printables, has created the next version of their Clone Hero controller and this is pretty cool to see!

Modeled similarly to the Guitar Hero: On Tour controller, this creation will attach to the back of your Steam Deck and give you the chance to play Clone Hero as portably as possible! As an example of how it works, the user uploaded a YouTube video showing it in action:

Just like the last controller that they made, you can find and print this one for yourself over on Printables. They are using 5 MX Cherry Switches and a Arduuino Pro Micro just like the last one and they have a little description there that goes into a little more detail:

Parts list is pretty short. 

  • 5 MX Cherry Switches
  • Arduino Pro Micro

Wire a common ground to all switches and solder it to the GND pin on the Pro Micro and solder a lead off every positive lead to one of the input pins on the board.

Used Sanjay900's Guitar Configurator to configure the controller for keyboard inputs. That way, you can use both the controller and the steam deck face buttons/joysticks as input controls. 
I use the right touch pad and analog stick to strum and map the right trigger as whammy. You can map the gyro on the deck to register as a button press to initiate star power as well. I also map the UP/DOWN and Green/Red buttons to face buttons to make it easier to navigate the menus.

VladTheInhaler - Printables

Seeing projects like these is incredible and amazes me at every turn. They did mention that the next iterations will be working more on ergonomics, but is still very playable right now.

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