Are you ready to sail the high seas during the Golden Age of piracy in the Caribbean? Well, if you are, then look no further than Caribbean Legend! This open-world RPG will see you embark on a journey to adventure, plunder cities and ships, and discover treasure as you explore the unknown. And the most recent update should make playing on the Steam Deck a bit smoother.


In the new 1.1 patch, which adds a plethora of enhancements and content, we have some specific improvements for Steam Deck compatibility. The post doesn't go into specifics as to what those are, but considering all of the improvements in general and the fact they are going towards the Verified badge, I would guess we have text size and general gamepad + performance optimization included here.

We also have new locations, tons of texture improvements and new animations, new quests and events, optimized video formats, new fonts for translations, and general quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes. This does come at a slight cost, though, as the size of the game has grown to 30gb, but now, we have a more non-linear beginning of the game and much more eventful overall.

You can check out the full changelog on their Steam Community Post.

Caribbean Legend is on sale on Steam for $20.99, which is 30% off, until April 14th. It is rated Steam Deck Playable, due to needing a community controller configuration, needing to manually bring up the virtual keyboard, and small in-game text, but it looks like we are inching towards the Verified badge now, so some of these might not be accurate anymore!

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