There's little doubt about how huge Baldur's Gate 3 is. It's a fantastic game that gives you so much freedom and reeks of quality and care. Today, the next update for the game came out and adds in a ton of new improvements, fixes, and animation updates to make the game feel more varied, realistic, and a little bit more romantic. But, before you do, you may want to uninstall the game from your Steam Deck before updating.

BaldursGate3Patch6 1

For those who want to update, developer Larian Studios notes in their patch notes that the update does need around 150gb of space to update! This means it will be taking up over 300gb of space just to update the game. So, for those on Steam Deck, it is recommended to uninstall the game and just re-download since it will download again with the newest patch automatically attached. This means we will only be taking up the game's 150gb space and not 300gb!

As for the update itself, it is another massive one. There are tons of quality-of-life fixes, of course, but we also have some new animations to make things feel a bit more unique, personal, and passionate. This includes new kissing animations with your partner, and all characters have their own unique kisses that reflect their personality. On top of that, there are randomized kisses, as well as some new animations at campsites to make them feel more alive.

The fixes are all across the board, ranging from dismissing recruited companions from your party while speaking to the one you want to replace them with, improved cinematic scenes, and some better combat AI pathfinding. All of these fixes can be checked out over on the post on Baldur's Gate 3's website.

Baldur's Gate 3 can be purchased on Steam for $59.99. It is currently rated Steam Deck Verified.

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