JSAUX, one of the original Steam Deck dock creators, has been on a roll with their products coming out. From their awesome DisplayPort Dock to the Shoulder Bag, it seemed they were doing it all, but I was wrong. Then, out of nowhere, they tell me about their next addition to the Deck accessory family, the ModCase:

JSAUX ModCase Steam Deck Case

This case is designed from the ground-up to not only protect, but provide different functionality for your Deck all in one package. It seems the team at JSAUX put in a lot of effort and care into this product as well with 4 different attachments that can cater to different needs. They have also packaged them into different options to purchase so you can buy whichever you feel fits your needs most.

The Basic Kit ($29.99) (Sales begin 12/19)


First, let's look at the basic kit. This will be the basic stuff you get in every initial purchase of this case. Included in it will be the modular back case, a bandage, an attachable stand, and a protective front cover. The stand will attach on the left side of the case while the bandage attaches in the middle (where the rest of the attachments will also lock into). The stand only has 1 angle (58 degrees), but with it being so small, I can't fault it not being adjustable here.


This is also the version of the case that compares most to Dbrand's Killswitch. Both are protective cases that come with an attached stand, but that price point with JSAUX is way more inviting. The basic kit also comes with that front cover, while the Killswitch package with a protective cover is $75. Yes, you do get a front skin with the Killswitch, but to justify $45 difference is a tough sell. We will be testing the two cases as well to see how they feel and protect, but this could give Dbrand a run for their money in terms of competitive pricing.

The Cooler Kit ($49.99) ($39.99 Separately) (Sales begin 12/19)


The next package, and one of my two personal favorites, is the cooler kit. This package comes with everything in the basic kit, but includes a fan attachment. This one will go over the middle and help keep hot air outside of your Deck. Based on their assessments, it will bring your Deck's temperatures down by up to 20c cooler! We haven't seen the specific metrics for this yet, so take it with a grain of salt.

The kit comes with the fan, a power cord, and an adapter cable. Combined with the basic kit, the cooler will sell for $50, while if you want to buy it separately at a later time, you will be able to do so for $40. I am someone who always looks at temperature of the Steam Deck pretty closely, so having an attachment specifically tailored to help lower it is very appealing to me.

The Hub Kit ($79.99) ($69.99 Separately) (Sales begin 12/19)


The second of my two personal favorites has to be this wonderful Hub kit. The package comes with the basic kit, just like the previous one, but instead of a fan, it comes with a full hub! This hub is tricked out with 11 ports: 2 USB 3.0 ports, a MicroSD card slot, an SD card slot, 2 USB C power delivery ports (with 100W max charging), a HDMI port (capable of 4K@120Hz), a DisplayPort (capable of 4K@120Hz), a USB 2.0 port, a 3.5mm audio port, and a Gigabit Ethernet port. That is a MASSIVE dock right there that is now fitting onto the back of your Deck. If you do use both the HDMI and DP ports at the same time for multi-monitor uses, they can only output 4K@60Hz.


You will be able to get this kit for $80, or if you just want the hub separately, it will be $70. This is honestly quite tough choosing between this and the cooler kit. I love the care being taken for temps, but that portable dock just has so much going for it. It is also the first JSAUX dock I have seen that has an included MicroSD and SD card slot to expand storage, which I commend.

The M.2 Slot Kit ($39.99) ($24.99 Separately) (Sales Begin 2023)


The next kit on the list is the M.2 slot kit! This one, along with the basic kit, comes with a holder for you to put a M.2 SSD in and expand your storage! The M.2 enclosure attachment will also contain the data cable necessary to transfer data between it and the Deck. This kit doesn't include a M.2 card for you to use, so you will have to buy it separately, which could make this a bit more on the expensive side depending on the card you get.

The full kit will be $36 and the M.2 enclosure separately will be $25. Sales for this kit won't begin until early next year!

The Power Bank Kit ($79.99) ($59.99 Separately) (Sales Begin 2023)

The final package is the power bank kit! Just like the others, it will include the basic kit, along with a full power bank and a cord (type has not been determined yet). The power bank will be a 20,000mAh that also supports 65W fast charging. This means it will be able to charge your Steam Deck around 2-2.5 times over on a single charge. And, since it supports fast charging, you can continue to game on it as you charge!

The kit will be $80 altogether or, $60 for the power bank separately. Sales for this kit won't begin until early next year as well. There is no direct image for this power bank as JSAUX informed me they changed their bank for a better one and will look completely different.

The Ultimate Kit ($149.99) (Sales Begin 2023)


This is just a combination of the basic kit and all the attachments put into one. This means you would get the fan, hub, M.2, and power bank all in one package! This will also begin selling once all the attachments are released, so this will be available in early next year too.

This awesome modular case is shaping up to be a must-have the more I look at it. I have confirmed we will also be sent the case, so we will be testing each of these attachments out thoroughly, as well as how protective the case is and compare it to the Dbrand Killswitch. If they play their cards right, and this is just as protective as the Killswitch, it will be a hard to not recommend the ModCase.

The pre-orders begin now, but official sale will begin on January 9th while shipments will start to go out on January 11th.

Links to JSAUX's website are affiliate links. These give us a little bit of money at no extra charge to you. All profits go straight back into SDHQ to help us grow. Thank you!

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