With the amount of updates coming, it seems as though Valve is getting ready to prepare for a SteamOS image release for people to install the operating system on their computers. Today, we started to see that a bit more!

One of the awesome members in our Discord, Gecked, noticed that a lot of the base of SteamOS is getting packages updated in the developer repositories, presumably getting ready for a larger scale release. But what set it much more in stone is the existence of the SteamOS Media Creation tool. Found on Valve's repos, the media creation tool seems to have been created, or last updated, earlier today.


Downloading and booting it up, we get this window, which tells us to select the SteamOS image from your machine.

SteamOS Media Creation Tool

Now, we did not test this further yet. Since this wasn't officially released, we do not recommend trying to use this tool and reimaging your computers. We will test this to see how it works, so for right now, this is more of an information drop about something possibly happening soon!