A new SteamOS update was pushed out to the preview branch today. This update primarily contained some bug fixes, which included some HDR issues and a new HDR analysis for developer settings. There was also a new BIOS update, which officially added Undervolting controls to the Steam Deck. Undervolting is a risk, and I wouldn't change these settings lightly, but the rewards could be nice. It is a risk, so be careful changing these settings.

There was also a couple of general and Desktop Mode fixes that were brought in. So far, it seems the 3.5 update is rounding out to be pretty special.

SteamOS 3.5.1 Preview Update Changelog:


  • Fixed a case where an SD card with filesystem errors would be mounted as read-only.
  • Fixed the custom performance overlay presets file inheriting the default settings from the steam presets.
  • Fixed internal display rotation being erroneously reported to the game.

Firmware 118

  • Actually added undervolting controls.

External display

  • Fixed a 3.5 regression with HDMI output.
  • Fixed a long-standing issue where the internal display backlight would always stay on.
  • Fixed bug with HDR applications showing in wrong colorspace if they moved their window during swapchain creation.
  • Fixed HDR not working in 32-bit applications.
  • Added HDR Analysis to developer settings.
  • Disabled HDR exposure in "My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure" as it enables it without rendering in HDR.

Desktop Mode

  • Fixed a case where the desktop could be empty and apps would fail to launch.
  • Fixed a bug where switching to the Plasma Desktop transition could result in broken colors.

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