While Valve doesn't publicly release their sales numbers for the Steam Deck, that hasn't stopped other people and companies from analyzing on their own. According to Omdia's press release, the company actually estimates that the Steam Deck will grow this year and surpass the 3 million mark!

Omdia estimates that the Steam Deck sold around 1.62 million units in 2022 and believes that the Deck will sell around 1.85 million units in 2023, around a 14% growth!

Steam Deck 2023 Growth

While the press release doesn't go into more detail, it does talk about how Valve is focusing more on developing the SteamOS software instead of trying to move more units. They also discuss how the strengths of the Steam Deck has been helped by the Switch and that they are instantly compatible with most PC games, including recent releases. They also include weaknesses such as limited retail presence, some big games being unsupported that are out of Valve's control, and the device being less approachable than other gaming devices. Luckily, there are 3rd party resources, like us, that make it a little more approachable and easier to maneuver!

Omdia is a company that has over 400 analysts and consultants that research and analyze areas of technology markets. They formed in 2020 and cover over 200 markets with clients that operate in over 180 countries. While we can't verify the numbers ourselves since we don't have access to their inaugural report, which offers a 5 year forecast and recommendations, it is still worthwhile seeing as this is a company that focuses on market analytics! If this is true, then the Steam Deck is on a fantastic path!

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