Before this update, I couldn't say I had heard of Sengoku Dynasty, but after seeing it, I am shocked I missed out. This open-world survival game takes place in Feudal Japan, where you will hunt, explore, and establish your own legacy in solo or co-op multiplayer. I really love how it looks, and I enjoy the lack of MMO-like multiplayer and instead opting for a more closed-off experience. And, with the newest update, the dream of taking it on the go is coming closer to reality.


The Kintsugi update, which was posted on March 12th, has a ton of improvements, but there are a couple of key performance improvements introduced, too. There are now shorter loading times all across the board, except on the first launch, better compatibility overall, and significantly lower RAM requirements. They brought down the recommended from 24GB to 16GB and the minimum from 16GB to 12GB. This is still a bit high for the Deck, but with CryoUtilities, we should be okay. We also have FSR 2.2.2 added, so that should help us play the game without too much heavy usage on the CPU/GPU.

On top of these, we have improved onboarding, which makes it easier to begin the game with new entry-level buildings and furniture, a new progression system to unlock new recipes, find new resources, and reach new dynasty levels, daily production to get surplus resources from your villagers, new animals, and a ton of overall changes to make the game so much more enjoyable and playable.

You can check out the full changelog over on the Steam Community Post they wrote.

Sengoku Dynasty is available on Steam and discounted for the Spring Sale at 20% off. You can get it for $23.99. It is rated Steam Deck Unsupported, but reports are saying it can run alright with Proton, so it should be okay on Deck!

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