These have been a couple of very busy weeks. We have been inundated with tons of games to play, new devices galore, and getting prepared for two upcoming events that we are going to: GDC and PAX East. There's a lot more we are working on as well, and we can't wait to share all of those updates, but in this article, I want to highlight our two newest hardware reviews over on our sister site, HandheldHQ, for two of AYANEO's newest products: The FLIP DS and Retro Mini PC AM02. So, here is a quick summary of the reviews for both of these:

AYANEO FLIP DS - Two Screens, One Handheld, So Many Uses


Starting off, the AYANEO FLIP DS is the newest handheld coming from AYANEO, and it's the most unique one I have ever used. I got a 32gb RAM + 2tb SSD model to test, and I quickly realized it was a device I was going to really enjoy. The first thing I did was try out 3DS and Wii U emulation, and it was insane. I honestly can't believe how close it felt to the original consoles. It was like I was playing on my old devices.

On that topic, the second screen has a ton of uses. It acts as a second monitor, so you can play games, watch videos, read- you name it! I found myself utilizing it both for watching videos while playing longer-form strategy games with friends and using OnTopReplica to clone the minimap on some games and blow them up. And, thanks to the 7840U APU inside, it was able to run some of the newest games at a higher resolution or faster framerate. It also has an Oculink port, so if you have an eGPU, you can plug it in.

AYASpace also works well with the second screen, allowing us to change FPS and TDP limits, fan speeds, and even put application shortcuts to make going to applications so much quicker and easier.


The top screen is a 7-inch 1920x1080 resolution IPS with a 120Hz refresh rate, which is a nice change of pace. It doesn't have VRR like the ROG Ally does, but it is still a solid screen, and 40 FPS feels great through the vibrant screen on top. I also appreciate the three angle settings it has, using them in specific different scenarios to reduce neck strain. It does have almost no handles, and I thought it would be uncomfortable to hold, but I was wrong there as well. It was very easy to hold, and it didn't move or slip from my grasp.

But it isn't perfect. The battery life of the FLIP DS is relatively low, hitting around 3 hours of battery life total if you turn the TDP limit all the way down. The heat can make it uncomfortable to set your finger on the mini screen for a longer period of time, and the joysticks being sunken in aren't great for trying to utilize the full motion of the sticks. I believe the problem with the joysticks is mostly due to my fingers being on the fatter side, but it is worth mentioning. The gamepad buttons are a bit clicky and flush as well, which I wasn't as much of a fan of, but it didn't detract from the overall experience.


These flaws did make the FLIP DS feel like a first-generation product, or AYANEO is testing the waters to see if something this unique would be a good idea to keep developing, but that doesn't take away from the versatility and use cases that second screen offers. Even with the issues, I found myself enjoying using the handheld more than my other Windows devices.

So, would I recommend it? Overall, I would. It does have its compromises, but again, it's just so useful. I love what I can do with it, and 3DS + Wii U emulation feels so much better than it ever has. If you are looking for a new Windows handheld that will feel very unique and give you new types of usability, and don't mind the shorter battery life or joysticks, then I highly recommend getting the AYANEO FLIP DS.

The price of the device depends on the model and ranges from $699 to $1,279.

Full review on HandheldHQ

AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM02 - A Mini PC Masterpiece


Then, we have the second mini PC from AYANEO. When I reviewed the first one, I mentioned how great the price was for what you are getting and how wonderful the aesthetic is. Somehow, the company improved on both for this second model. Going with a NES-themed style, the AM02 is gorgeous and sleek. It has a button to open the front, which houses a couple of ports, and a small 4-inch screen implanted on the top. This screen can display performance statistics, the time, and change volume. While I wouldn't say it is necessary, it is nice not needing to exit a program or go to the desktop to check the time.

As for the power, we are equipped with a 7840HS APU, which is slightly more powerful than the 7840U chips we see in the newest Windows handhelds, including the FLIP DS above. It also has regularly powered DDR5 RAM, and both of those together can lead to some impressive results. It can render an hour-long 4K video in around 15 minutes, can handle applications like Photoshop, and is even able to play Returnal! I did get a 32gb RAM + 1tb SSD model, so that may be contributing, but I am still loving it!


Other than that, there really isn't much I dislike about the Mini PC. AYASpace, the quick access management program, doesn't feel as great with a keyboard and mouse, but that makes sense since it's geared more toward handhelds with attached gamepads. If you are putting anything in the ports underneath the front flap, it won't close anymore, which is a bit of a bummer, but overall, it isn't too bad.

If you are looking for a new Mini PC and want something powerful, gorgeous, and great to use in almost every scenario, you won't need to look any further. The AM02 is exactly what you are looking for.

The price for the AM02 ranges from $439 to $629.

Full review on HandheldHQ

And those are the two most recent hardware reviews on HandheldHQ! They are both amazing and really great to play around with and try out. I also want to thank AYANEO for the opportunity to review both of them, as the AM02 and FLIP DS have both become my main devices for PC and Windows handheld gaming.

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