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This week, we have a ton of really amazing free games to check out on your Steam Deck and other handhelds. You can try Fallout 76 and PGA Tour 2K23 on Steam, get Ghostrunner on Epic Games, and there are some great new Amazon Prime games to get, like Faraway: Arctic Escape.

Here are the free games we found for you to enjoy:

Free Games For Your Steam Deck and Handhelds - 4/11/24:

Steam Games:

PGA Tour 2K23 (Free to try. Redeem by 4/14) (Playable)

PGA Tour 2K23 Free Games for Steam Deck

Fallout 76 (Free to try. Redeem by 4/19) (Playable)

Can also be redeemed on Amazon Prime Gaming to keep on the Microsoft Store.

Fallout76Stock1 1

Free DLC:

Epic Games (Steam Deck: Can use Heroic or Third-Party Tool):

Ghostrunner (Free to keep. Redeem by 4/18) (Verified)

Ghostrunner 1

Demon's Tilt (Free to keep. Redeem by 5/15) (Verified) (REQUIRES AMAZON PRIME TO REDEEM)


Chivalry 2 (Free to keep. Redeem by 5/8) (Unsupported, but works with launch option) (REQUIRES AMAZON PRIME TO REDEEM)


GOG Games (Steam Deck: Can use Heroic or Third-Party Tool):

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel (Free to keep. Redeem by 4/24) (Unsupported, but runs in Desktop Mode) (REQUIRES AMAZON PRIME TO REDEEM)


Fallout 2 (Free to keep. Redeem by 4/10) (Playable) (REQUIRES AMAZON PRIME TO REDEEM)


Amazon Prime (Steam Deck: Can use Heroic or Third-Party Tool):

Faraway: Arctic Escape (Free to keep. Redeem by 12/31) (Unknown)


Drawn: Trail of Shadows (Free to keep. Redeem by 5/15) ()


Black Desert (Free to keep. Redeem by 5/8) (Unsupported, but working with Proton Experimental)


Faraway 2: Jungle Escape (Free to keep. Redeem by 12/31) (Playable)


Bus Simulator 21: Next Stop (Free to keep. Redeem by 5/1) (Verified)


Bridge to Another World: Secrets of the Nutcracker (Free to keep. Redeem by 5/1) (Unknown)


Through the Darkest of Times (Free to keep. Redeem by 5/1) (Playable)


Mystery Case Files: Moths to a Flame (Free to keep. Redeem by 4/17) (Unknown)


Amazon Prime also likes to give away exclusive content for big games, including:

And that is all for this week! With Amazon and Epic Games coming out with new freebies weekly, we will have our hands full getting through all of them!

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