This week has a couple of new free games to check out on your Steam Deck and other favorite handhelds, including one that isn't supported on Deck just yet! RPG Maker XP is free to keep forever, as long as you redeem by the 19th, and you can try Nickeloden All-Star Brawl 2 and check the performance out yourself. You can also redeem Dakar Desert Rally on Epic Games, and Tempest 4000 on Amazon Prime!

Here are the highlights we found for you to enjoy:

Free Games For Your Steam Deck and Handhelds - 2/15/24:

Steam Games:

RPG Maker XP (Free to keep. Redeem by 2/19) (Unsupported)

RPG Maker XP Free Games on Steam Deck

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 (Free to try. Redeem by 2/19) (Verified)


Republic of Jungle (Free to keep. Redeem by 3/9) (Unknown) (Free Promotion for Early Adopters)

RepublicofJungleStock 1

Free DLC to permanently keep for games:

Epic Games (Steam Deck: Can use Heroic or Third-Party Tool):

Dakar Desert Rally (Free to keep. Redeem by 2/22) (Playable)


Missle Command: Recharged (Free to keep. Redeem by 3/13) (Playable) (REQUIRES AMAZON PRIME TO REDEEM)


Breakout: Recharged (Free to keep. Redeem by 3/6) (Verified) (REQUIRES AMAZON PRIME TO REDEEM)


Yars: Recharged (Free to keep. Redeem by 2/28) (Unknown, but reported working) (REQUIRES AMAZON PRIME TO REDEEM)


Atari Mania (Free to keep. Redeem by 2/21) (Verified) (REQUIRES AMAZON PRIME TO REDEEM)


GOG Games (Steam Deck: Can use Heroic or Third-Party Tool):

Fallout (Free to keep. Redeem by 3/6) (Playable) (REQUIRES AMAZON PRIME TO REDEEM


Amazon Prime (Steam Deck: Can use Heroic or Third-Party Tool):

Tempest 4000 (Free to keep. Redeem by 3/20) (Playable)


Behind the Frame: The FInest Scenery VR (Free to keep. Redeem by 2/28) (Unsupported)


Amazon Prime also likes to give away exclusive content for big games, including:

And that is all for this week! With Amazon and Epic Games coming out with new freebies weekly, we will have our hands full getting through all of them!

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