If you are a fan of indie games, you will love Day of the Devs. This 6-7 hour event is hosted in San Francisco the day before GDC and showcases some awesome upcoming indie games. This year, I was lucky enough to be invited on a press pass to check out the event, and I walked away with my mind blown by some of the amazing games there and how awesome the overall event is. I also learned that none of the indie teams that were showing off their games had to pay a dime for their spots, which can be a make-or-break for many teams when it comes to events.


So, our COO and I went around the event for hours and talked to some of the nicest people I have ever met who are showing off their passion projects, and while we loved them all, I want to highlight some of the ones that stood out to us after discussing the game with the teams. So, let's get into it shall we?

#BLUD - June 18th


The first game we really took a closer look at was #BLUD, and while I knew of the game before, I am so glad I stopped to talk with the developers. We learned a lot about this Zelda-like adventure, and I walked away wanting more. The game was in development before the pandemic but really ramped up in 2023 when everyone went full-time. Since then, the team of 5 has created something amazing, and after hearing about the optimizations they made for the Switch version of the game, I have no doubt this will be a flawless experience on the Steam Deck.

Lucky Tower Ultimate - 2024


While I unfortunately didn't have the chance to meet with the developers for this game, I am extremely glad I spent the time sitting down and playing. Lucky Tower Ultimate is a roguelike set in medieval time, and you will go from floor to floor avoiding traps and killing enemies. It is filled with humor and gorgeous art that I feel makes the game so much more appealing. The best part is that a demo is now available, so you can try it out now. I can't recommend it enough!

Hyper Light Breaker - Coming Soon


The sequel to Hyper Light Drifter was showcased at Day of the Devs, and it looks amazing. The switch from 2D to 3D feels solid and still has a similar visual charm to the original release. I wasn't able to play myself, but I watched and talked with the developer to get a bit of insight into the process and gameplay mechanics. While it takes the form of a roguelike, they found a way to balance both chill moments and hectic ones, giving you a chance to chill and relax, while also fine-tuning systems, like leveling up, to make sure you don't have to stop the action. It looks like it works together seamlessly, and I am excited to see more!

The Beauty Cult's Nectarmancer - Coming Soon


One of the chats I had that took up a majority of my time was with The Beauty Cult and their game, Nectarmancer. I remember checking out a game next to Nectarmancer, and I was drawn to it due to a beam attack from the boss battle on display. It was all shiny and purple, and I am glad it got me over there. The game combines metroidvania gameplay with gardening, where you will plant seeds strategically to give you buffs, coining the term "Gardenvania" to explain the gameplay. And yes, they are aiming for Steam Deck compatibility.

Fruitbus - 2024


Fruitbus was one of the few games there that had a demo of it on the Steam Deck, and while I have played Fruitbus before in pre-alpha versions, it was awesome seeing it again. This is a simulation game where you own a food truck and create fruity meals for the inhabitants you come across, learning about them and their stories. It's an engaging and heartwarming tale, and it runs exceptionally well on the Deck so far.

Wild Bastards - 2024

WildBastardsStock1 1

The successor to Void Bastards, Wild Bastards changes the formula up a bit, which makes it look and feel quite unique. In a Wild West setting, you travel to different planets and across the surfaces and take down enemies. Unlike the previous game, you have character classes, as well as a party system where you can have multiple people on your team that are going across the surface of planets. It looks awesome and feels great, and I can't wait to see if this one runs on the Steam Deck.

Horses - 2024


This was a game that Author enjoyed a little more than me, but it was still really cool to see. HORSES is a stylized first-person horror game that combines gameplay and live action sequences. It has a lot of crazy and hilarious elements to it, but also tells an unnerving tale that will keep you on your toes while trying to make sense of the tale being told. But, in the end, it seems like it will be a game worth playing.

Gourdlets - Coming Soon


Gourlets is a city-building sandbox where you have absolutely no objectives whatsoever, you just build. This makes it a very relaxed and chill experience, while also giving you the chance to watch visiting Gourdlets arrive and interact with the town you made. And, with controller support and its minimum specs, it could be an awesome addition to the Steam Deck that I could see myself sitting back, relaxing, and watching my town blossom.

Those are the highlights of my time there! There were tons of awesome games and I would highly recommend all of them, but these ones stood out in my time there, and I loved it. If you are ever in San Francisco for GDC or just live around the area, I highly recommend coming to Day of the Devs.

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