The BattleBit Remastered craze is still on-going and for good reason, it is a solid first-person shooter that prioritizes its multiplayer netcode and high performance over fancy visuals. It achieves this very well too, which makes it a fantastic game to play on the Steam Deck. Unfortunately, the anti-cheat the game will be using, FaceIT, doesn't support Linux, but there's some good news coming our way!

Announced around 12 hours ago and confirmed in the official BattleBit Remastered discord server by PoM, a moderator of the server, FaceIT is coming out with a new version that supports the popular versions of Linux and Steam Deck! Not only that, it was announced that BattleBit Remastered will be the first game to utilize this new version, making official multiplayer supported on the Deck.


It was mentioned that they will be using a more casual version of this, but no specifics were given as to what a "casual" version means. Any support for Linux/Steam Deck is one to celebrate though, especially when it comes to anti-cheat. So many games have issues on Linux or working with Proton due to anti-cheat issues, so whenever one gets supported, it is significant.

There is no confirmation on when this will be available, nor when it will be implemented, but it is an exciting development that we will hopefully see soon. I have emailed BattleBit to follow up on this and see about an estimated release date, as well as what a "casual" version might mean. I will update the article accordingly once new info has been received.

As noted by Twitter user Bryce, BattleBit currently uses EAC, but the devs want to swap over to FaceIT. Doing this would have made the game unplayable on the Steam Deck, but thanks to this upcoming update, it should work when the anti-cheat is swapped over. The game is currently playable on the Steam Deck and should continue to stay that way thanks to this update.

BattleBit Remastered is available now on Steam and can be purchased for $15.

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