The aquarium-base simulation game Aquarist has combined the love of the sandbox/simulation genre and the desire to design and create your dream aquarium. And with the most recent update from developer FreeMind S.A., playing on the Steam Deck and just playing in general will be much nicer overall.


A hotfix for various bug fixes was recently released. Some of these include a bug that prevented users from progressing in opening a store in the basement, an issue that caused some fish to reproduce faster than others, and a bug that caused the game to continue passing the time even while the game was paused. There was also an error that would stop the game from responding once the menu appeared after starting the game on the Steam Deck, but this has been fixed.

In addition to bug fixes, players can also experience some new features, such as an option that was added to provide players with additional time to prepare for their locations to open, as well as displaying fish of the same species next to each other in the aquarium inspection list.

You can check out the full change log here.

Aquarist is currently 25% off at $11.99, is rated "Very Positive" based on Steam reviews, and has been rated Steam Deck Verified, so you can hopefully expect a nice experience for portable play.

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