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Posted:  Sep 30, 2023
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Pizza Possum was provided by Raw Fury for review. Thank you!

Pizza Possum is a 3D adventure all about a possum who dreams of stealing a nice pizza to snack on. Going solo or with a friend, you will run around the world, gobbling up everything you can and get keys to unlock more of the world. As you eat, your score will go up, and if you get caught, it will feed into a bar that will unlock items to throw the dog police off your scent in a rogue-like way. The game itself is not overly ambitious, instead opting for a basic concept that is more refined and fun to play.

Pizza Possum achieves success in this by creating a simple gameplay loop that is enjoyable to just run around in. The visuals balance plain and complex, creating an atmosphere and feeling that makes me immediately think of Italy. There are multiple different locations as you travel across the board, including beaches, marketplaces, a small neighborhood, a grape vineyard, and more. Each place feels unique and adds in something different to round out the world, making it feel varied.


The gameplay loop is also quite direct, but in the end, it is enjoyable. You will just run around the world, automatically picking up food and watching your possum gorge on whatever it can find. Some bigger food items can give many points, and some can slow you down since they fill you up. I find it a bit relaxing not to have to memorize all these complex systems, and I enjoy the semi-roguelike experience that unlocks new items I can find and use to get as far as I can.

It also runs well on the Steam Deck without needing any changes!

Pizza Possum - Steam Deck Performance

Pizza Possum doesn't have many settings to change when it comes to its visuals, but luckily, it doesn't need them! Playing right out of the box, the game can handle 60 FPS. It does end up draining a little more than I would like, draining around 15W - 18W without caps, so I put a 55 FPS/Hz limit on it, and it not only felt smooth but allowed a TDP limit of 7 to keep the battery drain on the lower end of around 12W - 14W.


There aren't a lot of accessibility options in Pizza Possum, but you can change the global and music volume, make the game full screen or not, limit framerate, and change the language.

The game does support 16:10 resolutions natively and has both cloud saves and full controller support.


Pizza Possum is a fantastic game that relies on a refined concept to create a great experience that doesn't take too much thought to play. Especially when playing with a friend, this can be a fun game to play intermittently for some fun every now and then. And with how great it can run on the Steam Deck, there is no excuse not to take the time and pick this one up. It is a great game to have in your Deck's library, especially for the price!

Our review is based on the PC version of this game.

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Pizza Possum is a small, but satisfying game that runs especially well on the Steam Deck.

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