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First Published: February 16, 2023
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Dredge was provided to us by Team17 and PressEngine. Thank you!

Fish, sell what you catch, upgrade your boat, and brave the depths of the evil waters in Dredge. This gorgeous game from Black Salt Games will take you off a mysterious archipelago to fish and make money to help the town. From there, you will meet a unique cast of characters in different regions, each having their own secrets to discover. Be careful though, danger lurks in the fog and you'll have to strengthen your boat, equipment, and mind to handle the horrors that lie within.

Dredge is one of my favorite games to play on the Steam Deck right now. I love the graphical style, the atmosphere is moody and unique, and the gameplay is simple and addicting. The gameplay loop has been streamlined so that while it's easy, it feels fantastic. I also personally adore inventory management in games, so this sticks out to me! It takes a little bit of time to sail out to certain locations, but it feels great taking in the serene, yet somewhat offputting surrounding area, with the semi-haunting soundtrack around you.

As you play, you will upgrade your ship in a multitude of ways. You can pay for fishing rod, engine, and net upgrades with money you get from selling fish, upgrade your hull and cargo space with shipwrecked materials you find around the ocean, research new parts, and read books for some passive improvements to your skills. You will travel from island to island, catching new fish in new areas and meeting tons of fantastically designed characters that each have something to say. Overall, this game is an incredible experience.

Dredge - Best on Deck

After playing the game more and more, I can safely say the assessments from our preview still remain the same! Dredge continues to run extremely well right out of the box, making it one of our Best on Deck games!

With no settings changed, it will run at 60 FPS with an average 10W battery drain with the highest drain I saw at 1 point being 11W. While we can make some adjustments to bring it down, it is not necessary in the slightest. There were also some slight stutters when traveling, but nothing that broke immersion so far. Due to this, I am happy to say that Dredge is a Best on Deck game so far!

Dredge also comes with some nice little accessibility features. While the game doesn't have any issues with text size, works perfectly with the Steam Deck gamepad, and supports 1280x800 resolution, it does have some nice options regarding popup duration, text speed, radial menu modes, and even changing the color for the important info that you find in-game! I found this to be a really nice touch, so I wanted to point it out.

Dredge accessibility menu


I honestly don't have to write much about this game thanks to the preview version still being as accurate as the final. Dredge is an incredible game that feels more and more addicting the more I play. The fishing mechanics, inventory management, the characters and story, the upgrading, all of it just feels fantastic mixed with how well it performs and the accessibility features it offers. This is an amazing game and I can't recommend it enough personally!

Our review is based on the PC version of this game.

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Dredge is an incredibly fun game to just sit back and relax with while visiting a haunting, yet inviting world. It is also perfect to play on the Steam Deck!

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  1. I turn down the TDP and GPU clock (I think 4w and 400mhz) and limit it to 30FPS and get 6 hours battery life without compromising the experience at all.