Lone Ruin was provided to us by Super Rare Originals for review. Thank you!

Lone Ruin is an action-roguelike game set in an old magical ruin. The game features two different modes to test your mettle: Ruin Run and Survival. Ruin Run is a more traditional experience like Hades, clearing rooms and getting upgrades and gold to buy more upgrades from the shop until you get to the end of the levels (all while faces some bosses in between). Survival is closer to games like Vampire Survivors where you face waves of enemies and you get experience, getting an upgrade of your choice once you level up. With a normal and hard mode, gorgeous visuals, and a plethora of abilities, will you be able to master the ruins and defeat these twisted monstrosities?

Lone Ruin is a game I personally have mixed feelings about, but I overall feel positive about my experience with it! The game itself is a bit lacking in content and once you beat it, it feels like there isn't much to replay. But what it lacks in replayability, it makes up for with its unique graphics and fun gameplay. Some of the combos of spells and weapons can be overpowered, but I generally had a lot of fun playing through Ruin Run and Survival, though I personally enjoyed Survival mode more. Normal is a bit on the easy side too, but Hard feels just right!

On top of all of that, the developer has stated he will be adding more content to increase replayability! For $15, I feel this is a fair price for what you are getting. $10 might be a little more accurate for what is there now, but if more replayability is added, I would easily recommend this at the $15 price point! But no matter the price, this is a game you will be able to enjoy on the Steam Deck.

Lone Ruin - Best on Deck

Due to it being a game that isn't super intensive, Lone Ruin can run flawlessly without needing to change any settings! Without any changes and no limits set, you can expect to get around 10W - 12W average with 60 FPS! There are some instances I have noticed where framerate can drop for a split second, but this didn't affect the gameplay at all.

I had no issues with controlling the game using the gamepad and no visual issues. Lone Ruin also supports 1280x800 resolution with the battery lasting around 4 hours!


Lone Ruin has a lot of potential to be a necessity in your libraries if you enjoy roguelike games. The visuals are enchanting and the gameplay is tight and fantastic, but a lack of replayability can be seen as a big shortcoming. I feel it is worth $15, especially if/when the new content is added, but I don't regret the time spent with this one at all! And it is guaranteed to be a great time on the Steam Deck thanks to no changes needed to enjoy! I am happy to give this game our Best on Deck rating!

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