UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection

Posted:  Oct 20, 2022
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Disclaimer: This is an initial impression of the game. Our review and recommended settings will be updated when we've completed a full and thorough analysis of how it performs on Steam Deck. Check back soon for our full analysis!


The incredible series from PlayStation has finally started to make its way over to PC with Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy! As retired fortune hunter Nathan Drake, you are forced back into the world of thieves when your "dead" brother, Sam, resurfaces. Now, you will embark on the greatest and most personal adventure yet in this third person action-adventure game. But that isn't all. You will also get to experience the standalone spin-off exploring another renowned adventurer, Chloe Frazer. With two incredible games in one, the games in this collection alone is well worth your time, energy, and money.

And on the Steam Deck, Uncharted shines. Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy have taken one of the most technologically and graphically advanced games and optimizes it so well for PC that it is baffling how well it runs. With the inclusion of FSR 2.0, both the Uncharted games can hit 40 FPS most of the time with little to no issue! Though with 40 FPS, I found that there was too many spots that dropped to around 32-33. While I do more research on how to best find a 40 FPS build, I decided to try 30 FPS and not only was it significantly more stable, but battery drain was down to around 13W! Oh, and did I mention temps were under 70c?? Absolutely insane. This was also tested in some of the most intensive parts so far, like the prologue, and it holds the drain, temps, and framerate!

I can't state enough how big of an achievement this is. For a game of this size to be playing this well has completely surprised me. The only reason this rating is a 4 currently is that there are still some drops that happen, but without the graph, I wouldn't notice them. I did also see a couple of glitches here and there, like in one cutscene where the character models all moved to different spots really quick and then back to their original, but there was nothing game breaking. I did also notice some audio crackling on my 2nd time going through some of the chapters. I don't believe it was there the first time, but it was definitely prevalent the 2nd.

This is a first look. The only reason it isn't a full review is I want to play through both Uncharted games and make sure these builds work through and through. So far, this build has been incredible with a focus on stability and battery over framerate and visual fidelity. Over the next few days, I will play more and fine-tune the build while adding in a 40 FPS and quality build to go with it! But if I had to give a recommendation now, buy this game. You will not be disappointed!


Our review is based on the PC version of this game.

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So far, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection has been a blast and I am optimistic that this game will be one worth having on the Steam Deck.

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8 comments on “UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection”

  1. Thanks for your settings! They really helped, I dialled back the standard 15W TDP down to 8 and basically used medium graphic settings. Locked 30fps and kept the refresh rate at 60, I’ve tested the game with these settings and got (very very dead on) 19:33pm - 21:45pm so in total that’s 2 hours 15 minutes. Hope this helps everyone looking to get excellent playtime with UC4.

  2. Awesome work!! I just downloaded it on my steam deck (instead of playing it on my rtx 2080).. looking forward to the 40hz review! Also - would you leave vsync in game on or off?

    1. It depends. When you use a cap in the quick access menu, Vsync in-game doesn't matter. Using the Vsync in-game is good for games that need as much precision as possible due to less input latency. To make things easy, I would use the quick access menu for 30 FPS builds for sure and you can turn Vsync off.

  3. Perfect!!! I went with just default settings like Steam always says, well it wasn't smooth (dips into the 20s). Made the adjustments the way you recommended, and its perfect. TY!

    1. I am so happy to hear that! Yeah there aren't many games that I would say is good with default settings. We are working on a quality priority build and 40 FPS one, but that stability one is just perfect for a mobile device.

      1. Thanks for your effort! I love the idea of providing different sets of settings to choose from.

        Any news regarding when we can expect the 40 fps and quality settings?

        1. We like the concept too! Yes the 40 FPS settings will be coming within the next week or so. Have a couple reviews/videos I need to get done first, but then Uncharted will be right after! I think within the next 7 days I can get it out.