The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood

Posted:  Aug 17, 2023
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For those who know me, some of my favorite games are ones that have deep, meaningful stories. Because of this, I tend to be very judgmental on the story and pay close attention when a game strictly focuses on this aspect as the main crux of its existence. The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is one of these games and prioritized its storytelling and world-building, while adding in some interactive moments and choices which can change the conversation. Deconstructeam not only succeeds in creating a beautifully woven narrative, but balances it well with the choices and interactive elements in the game, which all feel like they affect your experience.

The game starts out strong by watching Fortuna, who you control, summon a gigantic behemoth to keep you company in your millennium-long imprisonment. As a fortune teller, you will then create your own Tarot deck and, after a visit from the witch police, you can start accepting visitors, including ones from your old Coven. There, you will use your custom-built tarot deck to help guide your friends and other witches through their issues and start to guide how destiny will unravel.


At first, I started playing not thinking the choices I made affected the story and maybe just changed some of the things we talked about, but as I played, I started connecting the dots and seeing the predictions I made actually coming true. I remember the first one that came true and I actually jumped out of my chair in shock at seeing how the different predictions I made fit together to create a specific outcome. Coupled with the interesting topics and stories each person has, as well as the overarching plot happening around them, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is filled with enjoyable and surprising experiences.

I also loved the customizable tarot deck. Being able to create your own cards and infuse specific energy to influence which prediction choices you have is awesome and gives you a nice sense of choice, all while letting your creativity flow. The game is phenomenal and shines as you get sucked into the deep conversations that broach tough topics, which it does with care and grace. And getting into the game on the Steam Deck is not only easy, but near perfect.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood - Steam Deck Performance

Without any changes, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood runs near flawlessly on the Steam Deck. Hitting 60 FPS with a battery drain of around 6W - 8W is guaranteed and it is fantastic. The one small issue I found is randomly, the game will sometimes get slightly jittery, but this will either correct itself or you can open the quick access menu or pause the game and it will go back to normal. If I didn't have the overlay up, it's quite possible I wouldn't have even noticed.

While the game doesn't support 16:10 resolutions, it does have controller and cloud save support. The game is very text-heavy too, but none of the text felt too small to read.


The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is an engrossing, beautifully crafted, story-driven game that gives you depth and choice to help influence your friends and the Coven you came from. And on the Steam Deck, this game performs near-perfectly. There are some small issues with framerate stability, but this is small in the grand scheme. Overall though, this is a wonderful game to play on the Steam Deck!

Our review is based on the PC version of this game.

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The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is an incredible story-driven experience that shines through its choices, depth, and how well it performs on Steam Deck.

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