Posted:  Sep 27, 2022


Celeste is a narrative-driven platformer that still feels unrivaled in what it does. Not only does it tell a beautiful tale of a trans woman facing and surviving her inner demons, but the gameplay and controls are so tight and well-made. It is simple, you run, climb, and air-dash. That is all you can do, but the way each level is structured is so thought out and meticulous that it feels like there's so much more you can do. Add on some challenges, B-side chapters, and an incredible soundtrack, you have a masterpiece of a game. But, can we play this game on Steam Deck?

Celeste: Performance

The answer is a resounding yes! This game is not big, but it plays so beautifully. At its default settings, which need no change, it runs at 6W battery drain for an 8 hour battery with less than 55c temps with a stable 60 FPS. On top of that, Celeste has a native Linux build, so no Proton is needed! The controls feel fantastic on the Deck and just feel right.

The only thing I will add is that the game runs at 1280x720. Because of this, you will see black bars above and below the game, but this doesn't impact gameplay at all, nor ruin this incredible experience.

I would also love to quickly mention that using the Vibrancy plugin on this game is amazing! It is already colorful, but setting it to 120 saturation just makes it pop enough to really shine out! You can find out how to get the plugin from our guide!


This was a short review and I know this, but after playing this incredible game on the Steam Deck, I felt I had to just make note of it. If you are a fan of platformers, wonderful stories, or just enjoy good games, do not wait up on Celeste! This is one of the perfect games on the Deck by far.

Our review is based on the PC version of this game.

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If you are a fan of platformers, wonderful stories, or just enjoy good games, do not wait up on Celeste!

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