Dead Cells is a 2D rogue-lite that is heavily inspired by the metroidvania genre. You will treck through gorgeous, unique environments fighting enemies with an array of weapons and items. The game will require precision and thinking on your feet as you'll have to roll, jump, and climb your way through obstacles and weigh the choices of everything you pick up to become a deadly force to be reckoned with. After each death, you will be able to come back and buy permanent upgrades, and then head right back into the non-linear world where you will find even more secrets, hidden passages, and much more.

Dead Cells is quite possibly one of the greatest rogue-like games I have ever played. The incredible visuals, detailed landscapes, and addicting gameplay loop all come together seemlessly in an amazing combat system that feels fluid with its varied weapons and dodging. This is only made better with the free updates it has gotten, as well as the DLC that have been released for it, which add in new locations, weapons, bosses, and much more. Speaking of which...

Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania - The DLC Itself

The Castlevania DLC for Dead Cells was provided to us by Motion Twin and TinsleyPR for review. Thank you!

The Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania DLC released 3 days ago and I have to say, whoever came up with this idea deserves a large raise. I don't recall one time I felt a crossover fit so well into a game. 2 new biomes, 14 new weapons, 3 bosses, 20 outfits, new enemies, over 60 added music tracks, and a new storyline featuring Richter and Alucard are all part of this $10 package and it is incredible.

After you die a couple times, you will be able to start accessing the Castlevania content, which will be confirmed when you see red bats fly across your screen. From there, just find Richter in the prison and he will start you on your journey into the new storyline.

There is so much I can really say about this expansion, but I can't stress enough how incredible it is. The new weapons, like the Cross, Morning Star, Bible, Vampire Killer, and Holy Water, fit in perfectly, the outfits are great, the music tracks are fantastic, the biomes are gorgeous, and the boss fights...oh the boss fights are epic. I had just made it through Dracula's castle and I thought I was heading to fight him, but no, I was pulled down by a purple chain to be killed by Death, which was an insane battle.

On top of that, being able to put on outfits of Castlevania characters and make yourself look like Richter, Simon, Alucard, Maria, Trevor, and even Dracula while fighting classic enemies of the franchise like Medusa, Werewolves, Buer, Armor Knights, Throw Masters, and more! Overall, for $10, this feels like a steal. And for those who don't have it, there is a bundle for $25 for both the base game and this expansion. I highly recommend it if you haven't taken the dive yet.

A Fantastic Best on Deck Game!

With how amazing Dead Cells is, it's only made better by how perfect it runs on the Steam Deck without any changes! The game will drain around 6W - 8W for a battery life of 6.5 - 7 hours at a solid 60 FPS. There are some small stutters here and there, but I only noticed because I had the overlay on, otherwise, I wouldn't have at all!

I had no issues with controls or visual bugs that appeared. In cutscenes, the screen would turn into letterbox format, but it went right back to the 1280x800 resolution it supports. To make things even more appealing, Dead Cells is being played through a native Linux build, and it runs fantastically.


Dead Cells is one of my personal favorite games. I am a huge fan of roguelike and metroidvania games, and this game does a wonderful job blending the two and refining it to a tee. And with the release of the incredible Return to Castlevania expansion, there is even more reason to jump in now if you haven't. If you don't have this expansion, I highly encourage checking it out, it is $10 well spent! Thankfully, you will also be able to fully enjoy it on the Steam Deck with no compromises needed, making it one of our Best on Deck games! Dead Cells and the Castlevania DLC are essentials to your Deck's library.

Our review is based on the PC version of this game.

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Dust & Neon was provided to us by Rogue Games and Keymailer for review. Thank you!

Dust & Neon is a roguelike twin-stick shooter set in a futuristic wild west filled with robots! As a robot yourself, you will go on an epic quest to fight armies and partake in insane boss fights, all while unlocking abilities and finding the right weapons amongst thousands of different ones. Dying and coming back stronger with passive ability upgrades to beat the missions in front of you will be imperative as well. Now pick up your guns and get ready for a challenging top-down shooter that will keep you on your toes.

I first played Dust & Neon during the Steam Next Fest last week and it quickly became one of my favorite demos. The visual aesthetic of the game is right up my alley, vibrant and simple, while the gameplay loop is engaging and addicting. I do love randomized items/weapons and roguelike systems in games and I feel this one does it really well too. The randomized weapons keeps me trying to crawl up the power while managing if I will need a certain capacity or accuracy, while the passive upgrades I get after dying influence some of my choices in terms of spending money to get certain weapons initially.

You do have to reload your gun manually by pressing the X button, which some might not like, but I feel it adds to the challenge and charm of the game (also the gun showing on the right side when reloading is awesome). Combine the aiming, shooting, rolling, sliding to cover, and swapping between equipped weapons, Dust & Neon is such a fun game to play. And what makes it even better is how well it runs on the Steam Deck!

Dust & Neon - Max Performance

Booting up Dust & Neon, I noticed it was automatically set to the highest graphical quality. Luckily, the game runs fairly well at max! 60 FPS with the max settings brings in around 13W - 17W battery drain depending on the location and amount of enemies on the screen. While this is fantastic, there is a change or 2 that we can make to really get the maximum battery life out with the game still looking wonderful.

Dusting Off some Optimizations

In this case, I wanted to retain the pleasing visuals and their crispness while bringing battery drain down. Luckily, I was able to do this just by turning the graphics down to medium. This primarily got rid of some detailed shadows, but overall kept battery drain around 11W - 12W. I did see once or twice where drain went a little above 13W, but this was far and few and overall added an extra hour or so of battery life. This is easily the recommended build I would say others should use.

Recommended Settings
Max Settings
Max Settings
Recommended Settings

For a battery build, I elected to keep the graphics settings the same to keep the better shadows, but use Steam to force a 1024x600 resolution. This keeps the game looking quite nice still, with a slight bit of bluriness, but ends up saving around 2W drain with a stable 60 FPS. It looks a little worse, but if you're saving as much battery as possible without compromising visuals, this will be the way to do it!

Other than that, I had no controller issues or visual bugs. The game also displays at a full 1280x800 resolution and has cloud saves!


Dust & Neon is an incredible top-down shooter that shines with its gorgeous visuals and addicting gameplay. The game can get really intense in fights and feels quite rewarding when getting a new weapon that starts killing enemies in 3 hits instead of 4 or an overpowered shotgun that one-taps some enemies. Switching from actively shooting robots to rolling for cover to reload, then rushing around the corner and emptying the revolver's ammo into a group of bots feels fantastic. And while our recommended settings change the graphics quality, the game can be fully enjoyed and played without changing anything, making this our newest Best on Deck game! As one of my favorite Next Fest games, this is one I highly recommend adding to your Steam Deck library.

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Update 9/13/22: After speaking with the developer behind the Hephaistos mod, and after reading, they have clarified and rewrote the instructions on how to get the mod working. We included a small guide on how to get it working so you can utilize a full 1280x800 resolution.

Hades is...well for lack of any other incredible game. As the son of Hades himself, you have decided to defy your destiny and escape hell. Using an assortment of powers and weapons, you will hack and slash your way across gorgeous landscapes while upgrading your skills and powers. As this is a roguelike game, each death makes you more powerful with new weapons to unlock and permanent upgrades that carry with you throughout your deaths. Paired with an immersive fully voice-acted story, this roguelike game is an essential to everyone's library. And it just so happens that Hades is also an essential game for your Steam Deck.

Hades Performance

Due to the art style, Hades is nowhere near intensive in the slightest. When opening the game for the first time, it will boot up at a solid 60 FPS with only 12W battery drain and sub 70c temps. If you ask me, this is pretty fantastic, though we can make it better! The game tends to drain a bit extra power than it really needs, so by just setting a TDP limit to 4 and GPU Clock Speed Frequency to 1100, we can dramatically lower the drain to 8.5W - 9W with sub 60c temps.

Left ImageRight Image

With no visual or stability difference, you can clearly see the temps and battery drain go down significantly with slight TDP changes.

This tends to bring the battery life up to 5.5 - 6 hours from 3.5 - 4 hours with no sacrifices to performance at all. This is especially helpful if you are going to be traveling, but even just playing at home, this can help significantly. Keeping temps down will increase the longevity of your Deck's hardware as it won't be getting so hot. And honestly, with a small tweak like that and no reduction in quality or performance, there really is no reason NOT to.

Hades on Steam Deck

Resolution Oddity

Now if I had to point out one thing, it is the resolution options. In-game, it says it supports 1280x800, but it actually only displays 1280x720 as you can see from the black bars at the top and bottom in the screenshots. While there is a way to patch this using the Hephaistos patch, it doesn't really feel necessary. The game runs and looks beautiful and I felt no reason to change the resolution. I did try to use the mod itself, but the file wouldn't execute so I couldn't patch the game. I will continue trying though and update this review if necessary.

After speaking with the developers behind the Hephaistos mod, we got it up and running. To do this, you will have to download the from the release page. Then, extract the file and put it in the directory of where Hades is installed (you can access it by going to properties > local files > "Browse Local Files". Once the file is placed in the directory, right click it and select "Run in Konsole". Then, press "1" 3 times, which will patch the game to the 1280x800 native resolution on the Deck! We noticed no performance difference with the native res.


There really isn't much more I can say about Hades other than it is one of the best games I have ever played. The artwork, gameplay loop, the fine-tuning, they all work together in such harmony that it is hard to look back and not love it. Supergiant Games outdid themselves and it makes me incredibly happy to know how amazing this game works on Deck. If you haven't yet, buy this game.

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Our review is based on the PC version of this game.

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This game was provided to us by free from the developer/publisher. Thank you!

2D platformers have been one of the staples of video games. Revolutionized by Super Mario, this genre has boomed and expanded into a plethora of different subgenres. By adding in some more advanced combat and downplaying some of the platforming, games like Mega Man came about and took the world by storm. It found a fantastic blend of just enough platforming and addicting action gameplay to keep you coming back for more.

Chenso Club is a new take on the 2D action-platformer, while adding in some unique elements to help it stand out. Aliens have invaded and it's up to a group of heroines to save the world. As one of 5 characters with varied moves and stats, you will traverse across diverse areas while destroying the enemies to replenish your life force and make it through the level. Chenso does incorporate some roguelike features as well, allowing you to not only buy upgrades, but partake in challenges to get them. You can also unlock more upgrades being available to you in-game by gaining followers on the in-game social media site, Chirp. Overall, I think the game itself is really fun and I had a good time playing. For the price, it can be quite worthwhile. But how will it hold up on Deck?

Chenso Club: Performance

Looking at the game, I am sure you can guess. The game runs fantastic on the Steam Deck. I didn't hit below 60 FPS once during my time playing. The game looks vibrant and gorgeous on the screen and fits perfectly there.

You could set the TDP limit to 4, but it really doesn't matter as the battery will not be eaten up. I did get some weird spikes to 58, but it was a single frame and didn't impact gameplay nor would I have noticed it if I didn't have the graph.


There isn't much more I need to go into performance though, it runs like a charm!

Bugs and Swapping Controller Layout

Steam defaults to a KB+M controller layout for the game, which makes no sense as this game actually DOES have controller support. To fix this, you will need to go into your controller settings for Chenso Club and set the layout to "Gamepad With Joystick Trackpad". The game will then automatically swap it over to its controller scheme and there you go. After that, you will be able to play like normal without any issues.


As for bugs, I did encounter 2 that I felt are notable. The first was an issue with dashing. There were a couple times that dashing just didn't want to work. This was especially bad in the bonus levels where you have to keep moving. I had to go upwards and I couldn't dash up. This is the only bug I found that affected my actual gameplay.

The other one was just weird. When I dropped into a new area, my character stopped being able to jump or dash, but was able to walk in the air. I was able to fix this by randomly attacking and it dropped me down, but it still took me a moment to figure out what was going on.


Chenso Club likes letting me walk on air. How kind of them.


Overall, I really did enjoy my time with the game. It doesn't take a lot to run, it is vibrant and beautiful, and the gameplay loop is a good time. The 6.5 hour battery life is always a nice touch and sub 60c temps make me extremely happy, but the bugs can get a little annoying. Regardless of this, you will have no trouble running this game at all on the Deck.

Our review is based on the PC version of this game.

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