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Posted:  Mar 11, 2024
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Maniac Mechanics was provided by 4J Studios for review. Thank you!

Some of my favorite moments in gaming have come from crazy multiplayer games that I can enjoy with my friends. I have extremely fond memories of Overcooked and Super Smash Bros, giving me some incredible memories with its addicting, ridiculous gameplay loop. Manic Mechanics aims to emulate those awesome moments by having you and your friends repair cars together in frantic physics-based chaos. And while it succeeds in creating these moments, it feels like there's a little bit lacking from the experience overall.

If you are looking for a fantastic, frantic, and very chaotic multiplayer experience, Manic Mechanics delivers with ease. You and your friends, whether it be in couch or online co-op, will drive through over 40 levels where you will need to repair cars. You will run around and pick up different parts off a moving conveyor belt, take them to their specified stations, repair them, and then put them into the car. Each part has a different station and process to get it ready, while each level has its own unique layout and hazards.

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If you have played Overcooked, you will generally know what kind of chaos to expect, and just like Overcooked, it is a blast. Running around and trying to put cars back together while also dodging and coordinating with others creates such a hectic environment that paves the way for a ton of hilarious moments. You can also throw items and try to work together that way, but you risk creating oil or paint spills that could make your characters slip.

While the 40 levels are diverse and a lot of fun, that's really about all you can do in the game. Each level has a different layout and mechanics it utilizes, and they are a ton of fun and include some variations, but there's little to do outside of that. There is a Versus arena where you can compete to see which crew is better, which is a great addition, but I do wish there was a little more to do outside of this. I would have loved to see some character customization or endless modes, and while you can unlock a diverse set of characters, I quickly found myself wishing I could make them a little more unique with my own clothing choices.

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The vibrant and gorgeous cartoony visuals mix well with the soundtrack to create the hectic atmosphere I would expect in a multiplayer-heavy game like this. And, on the Steam Deck, the experience is absolutely fantastic.

Manic Mechanics - Steam Deck Performance

Without any changes, Manic Mechanics runs exceptionally well. In levels, the game will run at 90 FPS on the OLED with a battery drain that can sometimes get up to the 19W - 20W range. In the overworld, where you drive and select levels, the framerate will drop to the low 70s and can't end up hitting that 90 mark. Luckily, this is only in the overworld, but with how much the battery can drain in levels, I would recommend playing at 60 FPS. This ensures a smooth experience throughout the game and at least adds an extra 1-2 hours of battery life.

Other than that, you will have no issues playing on Deck!


Manic Mechanics does have a specific accessibility tab for the settings. It includes the UI scale and Text Size, which is awesome on the Steam Deck, hint duration, dynamic camera, and vibration. We can also change controls, language, and audio sliders.

The game doesn't have 16:10 resolution support, but it does have controller and cloud saves! It doesn't have any HDR settings.


Manic Mechanics is a fantastic multiplayer game that is way too much fun to play with friends. The gameplay is the right amount of chaotic and hectic, and having an online mode to enjoy without needing to be in the same room is a great addition. I do wish there were more things to do, and some customization options, but in the end, this is a multiplayer game focus on the gameplay, and it succeeds in all of that, especially on the Steam Deck!

If you want a solid multiplayer game for friends and/or family that utilizes hectic/chaotic physics-based gameplay similar to Overcooked, you will not be disappointed!

Our review is based on the PC version of this game.

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Manic Mechanics is an awesome multiplayer game with chaotic physics-based gameplay, and it's perfect for the Steam Deck.


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